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Dental fear or anxiety has no boundaries and affects all types of people, male and female, regardless of age. Some statistics show that between 30%-50% of our population avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety. Unfortunately, as many people who suffer from dental anxiety will attest, delaying dental visits may result in compounding dental issues and will compromise your oral health. With understanding and compassion we offer a gentle, safe, non-judgmental and pain-free experience for our patients with fear or anxiety. There are three levels of sedation available in our office.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)- using Nitrous Oxide during a dental appointment allows the patient to relax, while having full knowledge of their experience, and has no residual affects afterward, i.e. you are able to drive after your appointment.

Lite and Full Conscious Sedation- With Conscious Sedation the patient takes sedative medication the night prior, and at their appointment time to allow for full relaxation. The patient will need someone to drive them to and from their appointment and will need to be monitored during the day. Lite and Full Conscious Sedation is differentiated by the amount of sedative medication given and allows a patient to choose between being sedated with little versus no memory of their appointment.

For both Lite and Full Conscious Sedation, a Consultation with Dr. Creech is done 1 week prior to the appointment to review medical history, pre and post-sedation instructions and dispense medication. There is no fee for the consultation.

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